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Addison's Second Birthday

We celebrated Addy's second birthday on November 21st!


Two Year Portraits


Big Girl Bed

Mommy and PopPop spent the afternoon putting Addy's new big girl bed together. Addy was the designated supervisor (shortly after she got underfoot and was accidentally hit in the head with a support piece.) Addy liked the bed when Rachel first put her on it. But the real fun started when Addy first saw her new PRINCESS BED. John and Rachel had given Addy a choice of bedding - Elmo, Mickey Mouse or Princess. Princess was the definite winner.

I kept Addy occupied while Rachel and PopPop took the crib down, moved furniture around, and put on the new sheets and blanket. When Rachel called her back into the room, Addy's reaction was priceless. She was so excited and so thrilled with her 'Pincess bed'. She sat on the bed, got under the covers, patted the Princesses, counted the Princesses, pulled the blanket up, then down . . . She couldn't get enough. The rest of the afternoon, she'd suddenly stop what she was doing, grab the hand of whomever was in the room with her, and go show them her new Princess bed. And the first thing she said to daddy when he got home? Pincess bed!! Getting her to bed tonight was too easy. She could barely wait until 'sleepy time'. Sweet dreams, Princess Addy.



When Rachel got home yesterday, she found that Auntie Tanya had left a little present for Addy on the porch. The bag was almost as tall as Addy with what looked like a mop handle sticking out.

Not a mop. A unicorn pony! It was instant love from Addy.
She hugged it and kissed it and after she got the hang of what to do with the pole, she happily rode it all over the house. Addy can't say 'unicorn' so she calls it her 'popcorn pony'. Thanks, Auntie Tanya! Popcorn Pony is a huge hit.


Retro Monday

April, 2007
4 1/2 months old


Elmo Chair

On Saturday Grandpa Jim gave Addy an early birthday present, an Elmo chair. Addy is a big fan of Elmo, she ran up to give it a hug as soon as she saw it.

Greeting each other with open "arms"

Testing it out

I'm not sure what this face is!

Addy loves the chair but not the Elmo giggle and wiggle that goes with it so Grandpa had to make a little adjustment. All better.


A Day In Denver

I had an errand to run in Denver today so Addy and I made a day of it. We joined Daddy for lunch and then we headed to the zoo.

After checking out the lions we made a beeline for the elephants, one of Addy's favorites. As soon as we arrived one of the elephants came out to say high. When he saw Addy he stuck his head back inside the indoor pen to announce Addy's arrival. Well the indoor pen is concrete and metal and loud when an elephant decides to let out a call of the wild. Addy jumped right out of her little Elmo shoes and seriously contemplated crying. She had never heard an elephant talk before. The rest of the day she kept repeating "elephant talk" and "elephant loud". At dinner she just kept looking at me and saying over and over and over "elephant loud"!

For a good portion of our tour we had a peacock tour guide. It was a great way to get Addy to move along, I just had to say "where's the blue birdie" and off she would go after him. After a will he got bored with us and ducked into the buffalo pen.

Look at that!

This one was my favorite. A baby red panda.

It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo and this may be that last warm day we see for awhile. Bring on the snow!

The Hippos


Retro Monday

November, 2007
Almost a year old