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John gave me a new digital camera and photo printer for Christmas this year. I honestly thought he would be hiding my camera by now to MAKE THE FLASHING STOP!. This new toy is only going to make it worse!
After we got home from the doctors office Addy modeled for me so I could test it out.

Kodak EasyShare Z710

Hi Grandma! Thanks for the blankets
Addy weighed in a 9 lbs 8 oz today
Up from 8 lbs 1 oz 3 weeks ago

I can take pictures in sepia tone
black & white


First Christmas

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandpa Jim's house. The evening started with a "Fear Factor" style challenge for the boys, Colton and Josh ( Addy's brother and cousin). Uncle Jim bought holiday flavored soda and attached money in an envelope to each bottle totaling twenty-five dollars. The boys had to drink half the bottle in order to keep the cash. The catch is that these sodas have the following flavors;
turkey & gravy, dinner roll, pea, sweet potato, and antacid

It was enough to turn your stomach just watching but the boys were up to the challenge and walked away with full wallets.

Next came the gift exchange and the passing of the baby!

Addy and Aunt Chris
(the hat is a premie size and is twice as big as her head..but festive!)

Addy and Uncle Jim

Addy and Grandpa Jim
(the socks did not want to stay on)

Christmas Morning at Home

Addy got a couple of books from Mom and Dad,

a crib toy from Santa, and she could not have been any less interested!
(Got Binky. Got Momma. Life is Good)

Big brother Colton opening his PS2 games

John and I bought each other the same CD! Great minds think alike.

John with a new toy

The dogs were not left out this year. Santa brought them each a stocking full of toys and after an hour Queen Dolly had claimed all of them as her own.

For lunch we joined the whole Hein clan at Grandpa Jim's again.
We closed out the day remembering Grandma Millie.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Can't wait till next year!


'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas,

when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of sugar plums danced through their heads...

Happy Christmas To All and To All A Good Night!

John, Rachel, Colton & Addison


One Month Old!

It seems like yesterday I was enjoying an epidural buzz! I can't believe it has been a month already. Addison celebrated by...

Napping with Mom

Hanging out with Dad
(she loves to grab a handful of chest hair!)

Playing with her bumble-bling

Blizzard '06

Luckily a few of the neighbors pitched in and shared snowblowers and shovels today. It could be a week before a snowplow makes it to our street and we could have been stuck at home for days. A couple full sized trucks tried to make it out and got stuck within yards of the promise land. We were able to leave the house by five p.m. Many shops are still closed including UPS and the Post Office (Christmas presents will be delayed, sorry guys). We attempted to get some groceries but our 24 hour Walmart shut down at six and our neighborhood grocery store had run out of the essentials like milk, beef, etc. Malls along the Front Range are still closed and so is the airport. I bet those last minute Christmas shoppers are kicking themselves!

In front of our house


Corgi Yen & Yang


Bath and Blizzard

Bath and Blizzard, sounds like an idea they threw out when coming up with the store name for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

This is Addy's second bath (I misplaced the camera last time). I opt for the small sink in the bathroom because I can get the room all steamy and warm for her. The pink rubber ducky checks the water to make sure it is not to hot ( thank you Becky).

Viewer Discretion Advised!

Rub a dub, dub
Addy in a tub

Aerial view

Pretty in Pink

Hi Mom

Addy doesn't seem to mind the water at all. Hopefully that won't change before her swimming lessons start!

Blizzard '06

It started snowing early this morning and we probably have close to two feet on the ground. Many businesses shut down around noon so their people could get home before being stranded (restaurants, fast food, pizza delivery, post office, etc closed up shop in Loveland). John left the office at twelve thirty and it took him six and a half hours to go about sixty miles. He passed vehicles stopped in the middle of the interstate with people trying to clear the ice off their windows and many jackknifed trucks. They called out the National Guard in the Denver metro area to help save stranded motorists. They have open seven shelters for motorists tonight and about 4700 people are stuck at the Denver International Airport overnight. We are on blizzard alert until noon tomorrow. I am very thankful that John was able to make it home.

John's car is stuck at the corner near our house where it will probably remain for a day or two. John had to walk the last block home.
View from the front door. We have snow drifts higher then the wheel well of John's truck.
Looks like we will be having a white Christmas this year!


Let It Snow

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we've no place to go

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Model: Addy G
Designer: Grandma E
Photographer: Rachey

I'm ready for my close-up

Three's a crowd

Stocking Stuffer

Camo Chic

Happy 39th from the Colorado branch!


Christmas Angel

My girl hammed it up for the photographer today! She worked it through 3 wardrobe changes and an hour of pictures and didn't fuss once. The studio gave me a CD with all 41 pictures that they shot. Here are just a few...