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Treasures Everywhere

I found a treasure for Rachel and Addy today - at Guild of all places. One of the ladies knit this hat and bootie set and was willing to sell it. I thought it was too cute to pass up. The photos don't do it justice - it's adorable! Addy will look so cute as a strawberry.


Mom Update

  • Migraine gone. Check.
  • Blood pressure low. Check.
  • Blood drawn for gestational diabetes. Check. (Routine, but owww!)
  • Mom and baby doing well. Check.
Addy has discovered Mom's ribs and is learning to play them like a xylophone. Her favorite playtime is 3:30 a.m. - which, coincidentally, is the same time Rachel gets home from work and into bed for a few hours of sleep. Addy's just getting mom into shape for the sleep deprived days that lay ahead. (And yes, I'm laughing. Rachel didn't sleep through the night until she was 9 months old. Go, Addy!)

And just because I can, here's one of my favorite pictures of Rachel. Addy will be a very well photographed little girl.


No News Today

Rach's doctor's appointment was moved to Thursday. Please keep those happy, healthy, no headaches, low blood pressure thoughts headed her way!


Think Happy Thoughts

I was going to wait until this was a finished set before I posted photos . . . . but I changed my mind. A camo baby hat. Since the last hat was girly, with ruffles, I thought I'd go toward the tomboy side this time. I like how this hat turned out, but I wish there had been a little less pooling of the colors and more randomness. Oh, well. I think Addy's Daddy will still like it. I'm working on booties to match and, if I have enough yarn, maybe a sweater or vest.

Rach's next doctor's appointment is tomorrow (Tuesday). Everybody please send happy, healthy, low blood pressure thoughts her way. She's doing well, but good thoughts can't hurt, right?

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FO! And Confession

Finished Objects! Addy's red sweater is now part of a set. I finished the hat and booties tonight. Aren't they cute? Although I was right on gauge, the hat looks awfully small to me. I remember that newborns are almost impossibly tiny, but I just can't picture a head this small. Anybody have a baby I could borrow to see if this will fit?

It's confession time. The cute red sweater? The one that took a blue ribbon at the Fair? Pinned.
You might recall that I struggled with this pattern. I frogged and redid and finally just made up my own pattern so I could get it finished. I got it to the fair, on the final day for entries, and as I'm standing in line to submit it, I notice that one of the shoulder seams has pulled loose. Apparently I clipped the wrong thread when I was redoing the sleeve, yet again, at 1 in the morning. So did I admit defeat and slink away? Not.On.Your.Life. I walked up to the sign-in table, took one of the safety pins they were using to attach the tags, and pinned that sucker shut. And apparently did a good job of it since nobody noticed. Think they'll repossess my ribbon now that the truth is out?


Getting Ready For Addy

I'm not at all excited about the eminent arrival of my granddaughter. (Yeah, right. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.) I've made a few things for Addy so far and have a long, long list of projects I hope to complete by November.
I'm not the only one in craft mode. Rachel and Tanya have been making cross-stitch bibs. I wish I could claim credit for Rachel's interest in fibery things, but I think this is mostly Tanya's doing.
Currently, I'm working on two afghans, a baby blanket, several pairs of booties, a red hat to go with the baby sweater and . . . . . who knows what else. Addy is going to be the best dressed baby in Colorado.


All Addy, All The Time

Addison Grace. Isn't that a beautiful name? And she photographs just as beautifully. What a ham - the sonogram technician said Addy was "showing off" for the camera, turning this way and that so they could get good views of her. These were taken July 11, when Addy was about 5 1/2 months.

I think one of Rachel's biggest concerns is that Addison will turn out to be a girly-girl. You know - ruffles and lace and glitter makeup and changing clothes six times a day. That would be a challenge. John nailed Rachel's personality exactly when, for her birthday, he gave her a teddy bear, a diamond necklace and a handgun. And for Christmas, she got a cross-bow. Not a girly-girl.

And today Daddy bought his little Addy a present. At Bass Pro.
Her own set of camo's. Hmmm, think he's trying to influence things in the 'tomboy' direction??