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Garden Update

Check it out! Our Veggies are actually growing!

Garlic, Potatoes, Corn, Tomatoes, Onions


Father's Day

For Father's Day we gave Daddy a watch and a Super Hero Care Package. John has been hinting about this watch for over a month (when I say hint I mean he took a picture of it and gave me a business card with the make, model, serial number and description written on it).

The hero kit was very cute and I had a ton of fun making it. It contained snacks and each package had a description like "Jerky: For when there is nothing else to eat in the Fortress of Solitude" (otherwise known as the bathroom) and "Energy Chips: Leap tall buildings in a single bound or your money back." You can check it out here.

Daddy wanted to spend Father's Day relaxing at the lake.

Can you see the family resemblance? I could fill an album with pictures of these two sticking there tongues out at me.

Addy dancing on the boat

Addy sleeping on the boat

Addy and I also made special cupcakes. Can you tell what they are? John guessed smiley faces right after he said he didn't want one...anyone...? They are BBQ grills with grilled hot dogs. Yeah, I will NEVER be a professional cake decorator.

Addy ate one of my cupcakes, then needed to be scrubbed from head to toe.


Ballet Recital

Addy thinks her blue tutu is about the prettiest thing she has ever seen

Addison had her first dance recital tonight at the Rialto Theater.
Miss Addy and Miss Stevie have been in class together since August. We really did not think that they would perform on stage in front of a crowd but they proved us wrong! They did a wonderful job performing two songs at the beginning and one song at the end of the recital. I had the pleasure of sitting stage right to help corral* the "babies" during the show so all my pictures are profile shots.
Another dance company joined our show, an Irish dance company. Addy was mesmerized and wants to be an Irish dancer now (yeah!). Hair extensions, fabulous costumes and Irish music.. I can get on board with this (in a few years)!

* ( I bribed them with fruit snacks and iPhone games during the long 3 hour rehearsal and one hour show)

Addy( 3 years old) and Stevie (4 years old)

Daddy gave her roses after the show so she REALLY felt like a superstar. She carried them proudly as we walked around downtown looking for a place to eat.

I am having issues with getting the video uploaded so I will work on that again tomorrow


Random Cell Phone Pictures


The Actress

Apparently Addy has become known as The Actress among her teachers at preschool. She usually has a story ready for them when she arrives. Today she was in good spirits and excited to go to school but as soon as we walked into the classroom she slumped over and put on her best sad face so the teachers would ask her what was wrong. She immediately responded with " I have a headache." The teachers responded with "there's the actress." ( I responded with an eye roll and a "good luck with her" as I left the building.)

On the way to school Addy was explaining to me what she was going to tell her teachers today. She was going to tell them that she had a hitting problem. Her hitting problem is me. Okay, so here is the back story. Mornings are becoming a battle of the wills between Addy and I and yesterday she received a, umm, motivational smack on the butt. Addy promptly turned on me and said "why would you do that?!" and attempted to fake a few tears (no luck). It definitely hurt me more then her. As soon as Grandpa arrived she ratted me out and was going to do it again today with her teachers. She may have for all I know but I explained to her that being obstinate and getting in trouble are not things to go bragging about.

I recently caught Addy practicing her sad faces in the mirror in the bathroom. I only hope someday she is a famous actress and takes care of me in opulent luxury in my old age.