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Baby Bling

Addy is a girl after my own heart. She likes jewelry! I keep a little jewelry holder next to my bed and Addy likes to sit on my bed and try on each piece: watch, rings, bracelet, etc.
Binky, Bracelets, Diaper
What more do you need?

Croc shoe bling

Addy jewelry designed by Mommy

I made the mistake of painting my toenails in front of Addison one day and she begged and pleaded until I would paint her toes too. She was very proud of her "pretty toe".

It doesn't matter where I had the nail polish she seems to find it.
That's my girly-girl.


Mommy Sleep

I spend most of the year working the graveyard shift from 9pm till 7am. Recently Addison has figured out that if I am away from her during the day I am sleeping. When I drop her of with PaPa she announces "Mommy sleep" and reminds him that I am sleeping periodically through the day. When she is with Daddy on Sundays while I sleep she repeatedly asks him "Mommy sleep?" If she wants me she knows to go looking for me in the bedroom. So cute and a little sad.

My friend Tanya works a lot of night shifts with me. When her tween daughter was little she drew a portrait of the family:Dad, brothers, and the artist all standing together with Tanya asleep in bed in the background. Makes you want to cry.

A newer co-worker of mine has been working a lot of graveyard shifts lately. Her 2 year old daughter asked her last week if she had moved out of their home. Makes you want to quit your job.


For Grandma and PopPop


Birdie Baby

Hey! Who let a chicken in the house?!


Who, me?

I'm a fly-fly Mommy, duh.
You know Auntie Tanya has a new chicken plucker.
Not funny Mommy.


Dream Baby, Dream

Sleep, Baby, sleep,
Dream, Baby, dream,
Dance in the starlight,
Swing from a moonbeam.
Imagine the things
You'll grow up to be,
Create your own world
In still reverie.

Play on the playgrounds
You're meant to explore,
Sail all your sailboats
To faraway shores.
The future is yours, Baby,
To have and to hold,
Take hold of your fancies;
Be strong and be bold!

Sleep, Baby, Sleep,
Swing from a moonbeam,
Tomorrow's your future,
So Dream, Baby, Dream.