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No Artificial Sweetener Here

It dawned on me the other day that anyone who spends any time with Addison has a sugary nickname for her...
Sugar Baby, Sugar Booger, Sweat pea, Sweety and John's Sweet-Sweet.

I think I am creating a little monster with all these pictures I am taking of Addy. She looks right into the camera whenever it is pointing her way. I now have to stand where she can't see me and use the zoom in order to get any candid shots.
Her next set of nicknames will probably include the word HAM!


Look What I'm Trying To Do

Addison tries to hold her bottle at every meal now. When she is able to get a good grip we let her do it on her own for a minute or two.

For some reason these pictures remind me of the song....

"Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you
No, you can't!
Yes, I can!
No, you I can't!
Yes I can, can,can!"


Under The Weather

Little Addison wasn't feeling a hundred percent today after having three vaccinations yesterday. She ended up sleeping for twelve hours last night and after getting up for some grub, was out cold again.

Talking to Mom

Keep on Rockin'

Her DON'T BUG ME onsie fit the mood of the day.

Addy and I joined my friend, Jim, for lunch today. He hasn't seen her in a few months and was amazed at how big she was.

Addy and Uncle Jimmy


4 Month Check-up

Addy went in for her four month check-up today. She is now 12 lbs 5 1/2 oz and 25 inches long.
She is still in the 90th percentile for her height and head circumference. Dr. Wilson says she is long and lean but looks great.

Nurse Summer said Addy was a nice change of pace because the babies that come into the office usually cry through the whole exam. Addy was fascinated and happy until the shots. Poor little girl. She was so exhausted from the trip, she came home, sucked down a 6 ouncer and has been out ever since.....which means I will be getting up at about 2 am. YEAH!

Next month we get to start giving her rice cereal. I'm really looking forward to seeing her reaction to the spoon!


4 Months Old!

What a difference a month makes! Her little personality is starting to come out and it is flirty!
She makes eyes at her dad and turns her face away bashfully then takes a peak to see if he is looking at her. She is Daddy's little girl, she even sneezes just like him, in sets of two or three!

Ready for Bed

She becomes more ticklish everyday. Today I found a new tickle spot on accident that kept us both entertained for quite awhile.

Getting ready for baptism class

You can see in this picture that I have started attaching her pacifiers to her outfits when we go out because she seems to have started her own little spitting-for-distance contest. Fun for her, not so much for me.


Sittin' Pretty

Addy insists on sitting up so she can see what's going on. She is not a big fan of tummy time and when you prop her up on a pillow she strains to sit herself all the way up.

Today I tried something new to help Addy sit up. I placed her in the Boppy (which has not had much use) to help brace her and she loved it!

After about five minutes she was getting tired of holding her head up so I helped support it and we went on playing.

Addy and Tank

Addy loves to sit on our tummies and bounce. Good times!



Mommies Are For Playing; Daddies Are For Sleeping

Addy spends the day with me playing and occasionally running errands. She is very alert and becoming more playful as the days go by. By the time John gets home at night she is pretty tuckered out and ready for her Daddy pillow. It seems that she associates me with play time and Daddy with sleepy time now. Her naps are getting shorter with me during the week but on the weekends when John is with her all day she is always falling asleep on him.


It's Beginning to Feel Like Spring

It is beginning to feel like spring here. The snow has melted, the temp is nice and the sounds of our neighbor screaming at her children fill the house.

Playing pop goes the baby

Addy and Daddy played and napped while Momma got some sleep after her shift (it's nice working a graveyard shift when it is time to spring forward. You only have to work 9 hours)

We all went for a walk this evening around the neighborhood to get some fresh air and run some energy out of the dogs

The screamer's kids came over to pet the "doggies that bark at us"

Addy supervising the folding of her clothes


A Day Out With Mom

Addy and I had a big day today. We usually spend Fridays at home playing and napping, but today we had big plans.

First Addy woke up from another 9 hour night(!) and reminded Daddy why we call her Super Pooper! Then I got her all dressed up to go to Weight Watchers with me and Auntie Tanya. John actually dresses Addy up more than I do so I took the opportunity today to, ya know, show him how it's done!

Addy in her new headband.

Addy got a lot of compliments on her pink suede shoes today.

After we stopped off at Hobby Lobby we headed to the Paisley Pot to help Tanya's daughter, Annie, celebrate her 11th birthday. You can really see the resemblance in this picture!

Addy slept for the first half hour but was wide awake for the next two. There was so much to see today that she did not get much sleep and was getting a bit fussy so Tanya and Addy entertained each other while I finished up my pottery. Thank you Tanya!

Annie and Addy's first meeting.
Annie thought she was pretty cute...
she has very good taste!

Addy was out cold before we even left the parking lot this evening. When we got home we curled up for a little nap.

When Daddy got home Addy told him all about her big day...he didn't understand a word, but he listened.


Bye-Bye Swaddles

We have been using the swaddles less and less over the last few weeks and for the last two days she has been completely swaddle free. We are celebrating because for the last two nights she has slept for..........

Saying Good-Bye

Addy is a restless sleeper (she is calmer awake than asleep) but she has not woken herself up fidgeting-about the last couple nights.

Addy's grip is getting stronger. She loves her Pooh Bear Rattle.


A Warm Day

Today was the first day I let Addy spend a little time in her skivies. It has been so cold here since she was born, she has been bundled up or in full pj's most of the time.

This is the first time that I was able to put Addy on her tummy without her crying. She has not rolled over yet but she came close today as she tried to keep her eye on me while I walked around the room.

Addy laughs now when you tickle her feet and her tummy.

She has the best laugh!


Addy and Friends

Addy and Teddy

Addy and Colton

Addy with Baby Giraffe and Pinky Pig


Today's theme is...

The Mouth

Addison spent a good portion of today practicing her squeals, screeches, and giggles...oh my!
She hit notes so high only dogs could hear her. Every once in a while you would hear a whimper from one of the dogs in the other room. She has figured out how to grab a hold of her pacifier and pull it out of her mouth and she tries really hard to get it back in but she is not quite coordinated enough yet. She became fascinated with my mouth today too. I was singing her to sleep this afternoon and she kept grabbing my lip and sticking her fingers in my mouth. I have a feeling she was trying to get me to shut won't see me on American Idol anytime soon!

When Daddy got home Addy practiced her super hero moves.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's...

Super Pooper!
Smellier than a gassy dog, able to clear a room in a single grunt
Super Pooper to the rescue!