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Daddy showed Addy how to make a snowman today (and he took pictures!)

We got 8 inches of snow last week. It's hard to believe looking at these pictures, it has melted so fast.



Junior Underwriter


The Princess and the Frog


I Am A Cake Nerd

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a cake nerd. It has been 2 days since my last nibble.

I love "cake art". If you have never seen cake art check out Ace of Cakes on the Food Network or the Cake Wrecks blog. Tanya found a new blog to feed our habit, Bakerella. I am amazed at what people can do with cake.

Tanya and I found the above project at I would definetely recommend you try this!




A Phone Call to Daddy

Ring, Ring, Ring

Daddy: Hello?
Addy: Hi, Daddy. I pooped in the bathtub!
Daddy: What?
Addy: I pooped in the bathtub, but it is all gone now.
Daddy: Are you feeling okay?
Addy: Yeah, I'm feeling okay Daddy.
Daddy: Did she really do that?
Mommy: YYYeeeesssssss.
Daddy: Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha... Click.




Addy's Mommy Turned 30

I turned 30 almost a month ago. It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays and so far I like how 30 fits!

I have spent many hours trying to pick a song to go with this slideshow but nothing worked. So enjoy the silent movie.


Addy's First Visit to the Dentist

Addy joined her Daddy at the dentist this morning. We all had to get up at O'Dark-Thirty to be in Windsor at 7 am.

This appointment started out okay. Addy sat in my lap and the assistant let her play with the tools, her favorite being the little round mirror (shocker, I know). Then she got to pick out a new toothbrush. Addy let the assistant polish about 4 teeth with the high powered polisher then she insisted on switching to manual. She wasn't about to let the lady squirt water into her mouth so I'm sure the lingering taste of that tooth paste was nice.
Addy was being as cooperative as a 2 year old can be until the dentist arrived. All six feet four inches and 240 pounds of him. At that point Addy was DONE. She cried, she hid, she peeked at him then hid and cried some more. If you ain't my daddy you ain't touchin' me! Once he gave up and left she kept an eye on the hallway for the rest of the visit to make sure he wasn't going to sneak up on her again.
We spent the rest of the visit watching Daddy get his teeth cleaned. Addy was fascinated by it. If you ever have the opportunity to see your spouse have their teeth cleaned, pass. There is nothing attractive, appealing, sexy, interesting...about it! I enjoy a nice set of pearly whites and a nice steak. I don't need to see the what goes on "behind the scenes" to get them in that condition.

Addy walked out of the dentists office with two toys from the toy chest and a new toothbrush which brings this weeks Gifts from Strangers total to 5.


Addy's First Hair Cut

Addy visited Aunt Beth's Salon yesterday for her first hair cut. Addy has very curly hair. When it's wet you can tell how long it is but otherwise it spends it's day in a frizzy little crown around her head.
Addy was so good. She sat still and let Beth comb, cut, and primp.
While Addy sat in the chair she made introductions to everyone that came in...
"That is Daddy and that is Mommy."
When Beth finished she told Addy that she looked just like a princess now and Addy replied
"I'm not a princess, I'm Addy."
I can't make this stuff up!
Stay tuned for Addy's first visit to the dentist on Thursday.