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The North Pole...Colorado

Today we took Addy to the North Pole in Colorado Springs. The place has been around for nearly 60 years but this was the first visit for us.  It has carnival rides, a magic show, Santa (naturally), a small petting zoo, and some shops.  

It was below thirty the whole time we were there and after about 3 hours we could not take the cold anymore but we could have easily spent another hour there. 

Addy braved some rides on her own and Daddy and I took turns with her on some of the bigger rides.  We were expecting a large crowd considering it was a holiday weekend but Addy was able to walk onto most of the rides.

Addy and Daddy turned into Popsicles on the highest Ferris Wheel in the world (we were probably at 7000 feet elevation).

Addy's favorite ride of the day was the Tilt-A-Whirl. I had the pleasure of accompanying her on the ride both times and I was really regretting it after the second go around. I swear that thing was faster the second time. One more minute on that thing and it was not going to end well. Addy was laughing at me the whole time as I had my eyes closed and was screeching with joy. 

We ended the day at Bass Pro in Denver. Daddy hit the sales and Addy walked away with her second stuffed animal of the day. We got to show Daddy the ducks while we were there. He didn't believe us when we told him they had live ducks in one of the ponds.

We had a blast today. We plan on making the trip to the North Pole again next year.

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